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cramondtowers.jpg (28792 bytes)Mr. Jamieson works from his home in Cramond Tower, Edinburgh. This 14th century tower was originally occupied by the Bishops of Dunkeld for over 200 years, then by Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie and later by James Inglis of Edinburgh in the 17th century. After the nearby Cramond House was built in the 18th century the tower remained unoccupied and ruinous for another 200 years, until Mr. Jamieson bought it during the 1970's and restored it to its present elegance.

In 1978 the Tower was hidden in a jungle of overgrown elderberry trees, and under threat from a number of 300 year old trees, some of which were nearly 70 feet high, the trunk of one was nearly 20 feet in circumference. The walls needed to be repointed ,and there were no windows.

In the 1990's a two storey extension, on the East side, was added using an exterior layer of stone and a design to complement the original building. 

Ground Floor
Originally a storeroom, with the only natural light coming from a small opening above the doorway, it has been restored for use as a gallery for paintings and taxidermy displays.

Main Hall
At some stage in its history, the south wall has been thinned to provide more living space. The arched fireplace has been restored, complete with canopy and chimney breast. Early Georgian windows have been fitted to the window spaces, and the walls have been cleaned to show the variety of colouring in the original stone walling.
Second Floor
The main feature of this floor is a magnificent window embrasure with stone seats. This has been retained in it's original form, with an early Georgian window replacing the original shutter type fenestration. This floor has also been divided to form living and kitchen accommodation. What was probably a garde-robe built into the thickness of the east wall has been restored for it's original purpose.

oldtowerdrawing.jpg (27318 bytes)Third Floor
Restoration work has included the laying of beams and flooring, and the erection of partition walls and doorways to provide bedroom and bathroom accommodation. To meet the requirements of the appropriate authorities, an extra window was made in the west wall. To maintain the character of the Tower, the partition walls are panelled in mahogany, and the rubble walls have been left bare.

Top Floor
Again, beams and flooring  have been laid to provide one further bedroom, and a toilet/shower room.


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